Yearly Archives: 2017

WLAN Scanner

The WLAN Scanner is probably the most well recognized wireless tool for any product. Almost all wireless products have a tool which is similar, although the implementation in RouterOS is a little more advanced than what most products offer. In addition to reporting the SSID (Service Set Identifier) and RSSI […]

Packet Sniffer

Packet Captures are one of the best and primary troubleshooting tools in networking. RouterOS includes three different ways ( 4 if you include CALEA) that you can capture packets. There is the Packet Sniffer tool that is used for everything except wireless packets. There is the Wireless Sniffer specifically for […]


RouterOS includes an extremely useful tool call Netwatch to help automate tasks. Netwatch Pings a defined hosts and then takes a scripted action when the host is reachable and/ or not reachable. There are many reasons to use Netwatch. Here are just a few: To solve static routing limitations Change […]


     RouterOS includes the ability to graph utilization of interfaces, queues, and resources such as CPU and memory. These are standard SNMP graphs and the router will store up to 1 year’s worth of information. After that, the old data is replaced with new data. The highest resolution for […]


     The Email Tool allows you to configure the router to send emails. Although, the tool itself does have a compose email option, the tool is usually referenced by other tools/ processes in the router to alert the network administrator to potential problems, thresholds that have been crossed, or […]

IP Scan

     IP Scan is a tool used to collect IP addresses, MAC addresses, DNS names, SNMP host names, and Netbios information on a network. This tool is extremely useful for inventory of currently connected devices or used IP address. This tool is also useful for discovering IP conflicts on […]