Yearly Archives: 2017

ISP Gross Revenue Chart

     Here is a chart showing how much money each customer is worth over time based on the national average of $50 per Internet subscriber. Take note on how much a single customer is worth after 5 years or how many customers it takes to gross 1 million dollars! […]

WLAN Scanner

The WLAN Scanner is probably the most well recognized wireless tool for any product. Almost all wireless products have a tool which is similar, although the implementation in RouterOS is a little more advanced than what most products offer. In addition to reporting the SSID (Service Set Identifier) and RSSI […]


RouterOS includes a tool to show CPU usage that is similar to CPU information displayed by Window’s Task Manager. The processes can be viewed here, but they have to stopped under their normal settings. For example, if I saw that the firewall was consuming most of my CPU, I would […]

Packet Sniffer

Packet Captures are one of the best and primary troubleshooting tools in networking. RouterOS includes three different ways ( 4 if you include CALEA) that you can capture packets. There is the Packet Sniffer tool that is used for everything except wireless packets. There is the Wireless Sniffer specifically for […]


RouterOS includes an extremely useful tool call Netwatch to help automate tasks. Netwatch Pings a defined hosts and then takes a scripted action when the host is reachable and/ or not reachable. There are many reasons to use Netwatch. Here are just a few: To solve static routing limitations Change […]

MAC Server & MAC Ping

     RouterOS has included a tool to allow Layer 2 logins for well over a decade now. Its an absolutely invaluable set of tools that allows a Layer 2 connection from a PC to the router via Winbox or a Layer 2 connection from one MikroTik router to another […]


     RouterOS includes the ability to graph utilization of interfaces, queues, and resources such as CPU and memory. These are standard SNMP graphs and the router will store up to 1 year’s worth of information. After that, the old data is replaced with new data. The highest resolution for […]


     The Email Tool allows you to configure the router to send emails. Although, the tool itself does have a compose email option, the tool is usually referenced by other tools/ processes in the router to alert the network administrator to potential problems, thresholds that have been crossed, or […]

Ping Speed

     Ping Speed is a tool used to approximate the throughput of a link using ICMP Echo Request and Reply messages. Two different packet sizes are used. The small packet is sent first and then a large packet. It continues to alternate between small and large packets for the […]

IP Scan

     IP Scan is a tool used to collect IP addresses, MAC addresses, DNS names, SNMP host names, and Netbios information on a network. This tool is extremely useful for inventory of currently connected devices or used IP address. This tool is also useful for discovering IP conflicts on […]