Monthly Archives: April 2017

MAC Server & MAC Ping

     RouterOS has included a tool to allow Layer 2 logins for well over a decade now. Its an absolutely invaluable set of tools that allows a Layer 2 connection from a PC to the router via Winbox or a Layer 2 connection from one MikroTik router to another […]


     RouterOS includes the ability to graph utilization of interfaces, queues, and resources such as CPU and memory. These are standard SNMP graphs and the router will store up to 1 year’s worth of information. After that, the old data is replaced with new data. The highest resolution for […]


     The Email Tool allows you to configure the router to send emails. Although, the tool itself does have a compose email option, the tool is usually referenced by other tools/ processes in the router to alert the network administrator to potential problems, thresholds that have been crossed, or […]

Ping Speed

     Ping Speed is a tool used to approximate the throughput of a link using ICMP Echo Request and Reply messages. Two different packet sizes are used. The small packet is sent first and then a large packet. It continues to alternate between small and large packets for the […]

IP Scan

     IP Scan is a tool used to collect IP addresses, MAC addresses, DNS names, SNMP host names, and Netbios information on a network. This tool is extremely useful for inventory of currently connected devices or used IP address. This tool is also useful for discovering IP conflicts on […]

Flood Ping Tool

     The “Flood” option for ping has been a mainstay in networking for more than 2 decades. RouterOS packages this ICMP option into a clean and simple tool to use for testing networks. The Flood Ping tool allows you to send up to 1000 ICMP Echo Requests to a […]

Btest Server & Bandwidth Test Tools

     RouterOS provides the BTest Server (Bandwidth Test Server) and the Bandwidth Test tool for preforming a variety of network tests. The server works in combination with the Bandwidth Test tool in RouterOS or in Windows. The focus will be on the RouterOS version of this, but a Windows […]