Rick Frey Consulting Unusual Protocols Chain

RFC_Unusual_Protocols Rick Frey Consulting Unusual Protocols ChainAuthor: Rick Freyemail: rickfrey1000@gmail.comLicense:This script has been created for use by the general public and may be used freely.Features:– Drops unusual protocols that should not be present on most networks. /ip firewall filteradd action=jump chain=input comment=”RFC Unusual Protocols” jump-target=”RFC Unusual Protocols”add action=jump chain=forward comment=”RFC […]

Multicast Address Space – Local Network Control Block

Local Network Control Block ( – (224.0.0/24)) Address(es) Description Base Address (Reserved) All Systems on this Subnet All Routers on this Subnet Unassigned DVMRP Routers OSPFIGP OSPFIGP All Routers OSPFIGP OSPFIGP Designated Routers ST Routers ST Hosts RIP2 Routers […]

Multicast Address Space (Large Block Assignments as per RFC 5771)

Large Block Assignments as per RFC 5771 Address Range Size Designation General Description – (/24) Local Network Control Block Protocol control traffic that is not forwarded off link (local network only.) – (/24) Internetwork Control Block Used for protocol control traffic that MAY be forwarded through […]

Packet Capture Checklist

Packet Capture Checklist (in .PDF) The packets in this checklist can all be generated using just RouterOS. If you don’t have any MikroTik routers handy, you can create Cloud Hosted Routers (MikroTik routers in a virtual environment) for free. Turn collecting packet captures into a game. Encourage your co-workers and […]

Routing Fantasy – Easy To Use Route Simulator

Routing Fantasy Easy To Use Route Simulator RouterOSv7 includes Routing Fantasy which is a route simulator you can use in a variety of ways. Here are just a few of the uses: Route generation for hardware performance testing. (i.e. How well does this product handles large routing tables as far […]

ROSv6 – OSPFv2 Quick Refrence Guide

Click here to download this page as a PDF   Link State Routing Protocol Uses Dijkstra’s SPF Algorithm (Shortest Path First) Uses IP Protocol #89 Primary RFC = RFC 2328 (IPv4) IP headers are set to a TTL of 1 to ensure only 1 hop Default cost of all links […]

ROSv6/7 Routing Flags

ROSv6/7 Routing Flags ** This list is still being updated ** Flags Meaning ROSv6 ROSv7 Comments A Active X X Route is available for use in the FIB (Forwarding Information Base) S Static X X Route Added Statically C Connected X X Connected Route (i.e. Router has a corresponding IP […]

ROSv7 – BGP Basic Configuration – eBGP Peering to Advertise Subnets

Introduction This tutorial will explain how to use ROSv7 to peer with your upstream provider for the purpose of advertising subnets out to the rest of the world. I’ll include the configuration of the Upstream Router and the Downstream Router in CLI format so that it can just be copied […]

ROSv7 – OSPF Basic Configuration

ROSv7 – OSPF Basic Configuration Introduction In ROSv7 there are both significant improvements and significant changes in the syntax to get OSPF working. For example, OSPF IPv4 and IPv6 are now both configured in the same place (this tutorial will focus on IPv4). This tutorial is using a small WISP […]