The Email Tool allows you to configure the router to send emails. Although, the tool itself does have a compose email option, the tool is usually referenced by other tools/ processes in the router to alert the network administrator to potential problems, thresholds that have been crossed, or to automate tasks such as back-ups. The router can send emails, but it can not receive emails. Only plain authentication and TLS is supported. At this point in time, plain authentication won’t help most people unless the email server and the router are on the same LAN segment. The TLS option is widely supported and will work common email services such as Gmail and Ymail. Keep in mind that the security settings for those services may have to be modified/ reduced to allow the TLS authentication. The example shown here is a production router using a gmail account to send emails. Please, see the settings below.





Send Email


     You can compose an email while inside Winbox by clicking on the Send Email button. The Send Email function has the standard settings and features for composing an email. Carbon Copy (CC) is available, but Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) is not. Files located on the router can be included in the email as well. See the example below:




The Send Email settings shown here will result in this received email.




If you need help configuring Gmail, use this link:

Allowing less secure apps to access your Gmail account

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