RouterOS includes the ability to graph utilization of interfaces, queues, and resources such as CPU and memory. These are standard SNMP graphs and the router will store up to 1 year’s worth of information. After that, the old data is replaced with new data. The highest resolution for this data is 1 data point every 5 minutes. What this means is that graphing does not significantly impact router performance and there is absolutely no reason not to use it. By default, graphing is turned off, but I would recommend always turning it on for any backbone/ gateway router from the beginning. It can also be very useful for any customer facing router such as CPEs (Customer Premise Equipment). There are some security concerns to be aware of with the web page version this tool. Make sure that you set the allowed from address or turn the web page off. The winbox settings are provided below. Once the graphs are enabled you can click on the three graph tabs to view the graphs or you can browse to the router’s web page. From the webpage, the graphs are visible without logging in or while logged in.


Example Graphs



Winbox Settings









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