Multicast Address Space – Local Network Control Block

Local Network Control Block ( – (224.0.0/24))
Address(es) Description Base Address (Reserved) All Systems on this Subnet All Routers on this Subnet Unassigned DVMRP Routers OSPFIGP OSPFIGP All Routers OSPFIGP OSPFIGP Designated Routers ST Routers ST Hosts RIP2 Routers EIGRP Routers Mobile-Agents DHCP Server / Relay Agent All PIM Routers RSVP-ENCAPSULATION all-cbt-routers designated-sbm all-sbms VRRP IPAllL1ISs IPAllL2ISs IPAllIntermediate Systems IGMP GLOBECAST-ID OSPFIGP-TE router-to-switch Unassigned Al MPP Hello ETC Control GE-FANUC indigo-vhdp shinbroadband digistar ff-system-management pt2-discover DXCLUSTER DTCP Announcement zeroconfaddr (renew 12/02) Unassigned cisco-nhap HSRP MDAP Nokia MC CH ff-lr-address All-Snoopers PTP-pdelay Saratoga LL-MANET-Routers IGRS Babel MMA Device Discovery AllJoyn Inter RFID Reader Protocol JSDP Device discovery/config DLEP Discovery MAAS ALL_GRASP_NEIGHBORS Unassigned Ramp AltitudeCDN MulticastPlus Unassigned mDNS Link-local Multicast Name Resolution Teredo RFC3692-style Experiment (*) Unassigned

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