Company Training (3 Day Option)



3 Days of personalized training for your company. Customers may choose any combination of certifications that can be taught in 3 days (i.e. MTCNA or MTCRE + MTCWE or MTCTCE + MTCUME) or customized training.  Some of the things that prospective and past students have ask for include:

  • VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol)
  • High Available Strategies
  • BGP peering
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Customized Wireless Training
  • Network Management and Troubleshooting
  • Using MikroTik in conjunction with other product lines for effective networks

This offer is valid for 10 students or less. If you have more than 10 prospective students then, please call first. The cost is an amazingly low $5500! Cost is all inclusive and there are no hidden fees or charges. Class includes printed material (customized training may need longer lead times.) Additional travel expenses may be included if outside the continental United States. Times and locations are flexible. Class can be held after hours or in conjunction with a weekend. Please, call of or email to confirm scheduling before placing your order! Payment in full must be recieved prior to the start of class.

MikroTik Certified Training Programs

  • MTCNA – MikroTik Certified Network Associate (3 Days) view outline
  • MTCRE – MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer (2 Days) view outline
  • MTCWE – MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer (2 Days) view outline
  • MTCTCE – MikroTik Certified Traffic Control Engineer (2 Days) view outline
  • MTCUME – MikroTik Certified User Management Engineer (2 Days) view outline
  • MTCINE – MikroTik Certified Inter-Networking Engineer (2-3 Days) view outline
  • MTCIPv6E – MikroTik Certified IPv6 Engineer  (2 Days) view outline
  • MTCSE – MikroTik Certified Security Engineer (2 Days) view outline
  • MTCSWE – MikroTik Certified Switching Engineer (3 Days) view outline
  • MTCEWE – MikroTik Certified Enterprise Wireless Engineer (3 Days) view outline