ROSv6/7 Routing Flags

ROSv6/7 Routing Flags

** This list is still being updated **

Flags Meaning ROSv6 ROSv7 Comments
A Active X X Route is available for use in the FIB (Forwarding Information Base)
S Static X X Route Added Statically
C Connected X X Connected Route (i.e. Router has a corresponding IP address installed)
D Dynamic X X Route learned through a dynamic process
X Disabled X X Route is disabled
r RIP X X Routing Information Protocol
b BGP X X Border Gateway Protocol
o OSPF X X Open Shortest Path First
m MME X X Mesh Made Easy
B Blackhole X X Silently discards packes – In v7 its CLI Only
U Unreachable X Discards packets and sends a ICMP host unreachable message. Removed in v7
P Prohibit X Discards packets and sends a ICMP administratively prohibited message. Removed in v7
New Flags in ROSv7 Only
I Invalid X Route is invlaid
H Hw. Offloaded X
F Filtered X Route relates to a routing filter chain
+ – ECMP X Equal Cost Multi-path
d DHCP X Route learned through DHCP
y Copy X
m Modem X
a LDP Address X
l LDP Mapping X

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